Manufacturers often exclude smaller retailers due to their lower sales volume and the inefficiencies they create in the supply chain.
As a result: Manufacturers currently lack the ability to efficiently target smaller retailers at scale.  
With Wholebuy, manufacturers are able to target smaller retailers and markets at scale with lower costs.   
Wholebuy increases high volume orders and creates new supply chain efficiencies with our patent pending Group Purchase Order technology (USPTO No. 62/517,220).
A wholebuy is a
Smart Purchase Order
secured by Blockchain and Bosch IoT
Patent Pending USPTO No. 62/517,220

Wholebuy: A Bosch IoT Partner and Global Distributor

Wholebuy has partnered with Bosch, the global leader in IoT, to offer unprecedented security over assets.

How does it work?

IoT sensors track and monitor assets for loss, theft and damage.  That IoT data is then secured on the Wholebuy blockchain, triggering blockchain smart contracts that protect buyers and sellers if damage or loss occurs.

Our Technology - Driven by Trust and Security

Wholebuy leverages blockchain and IoT technology to bring an unprecedented level of trust and transparency to multi-party business and government transactions.


By pooling their purchase orders together, wholebuyers get greater volume discounts and cheaper shipping.

Manufacturers increase sales volumes, increase supply chain transparency, and maximize efficiency with one group purchase order and one shipment.

IoT + Blockchain

Our Bosch IoT devices provide real-time environmental, damage, tamper, and geolocation tracking and visibility for assets.

IoT sensor data is then secured on the blockchain and used to execute Wholebuy blockchain powered smart contracts.  For example: only releasing funds when environmental and location requirements are met.


By reducing the risk of tampering and fraud with blockchain and Bosch IoT, Wholebuy increases trust, accountability and transparency between businesses.


Blockchain is a permanent distributed ledger for recording the history of transactions.  All transaction and asset data is unalterable, time stamped, encrypted, distributed and audited by multiple servers around the world.

Private and Permissioned-Based

Wholebuy is an enterprise grade permission-based private blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric. This ensures that only participating wholebuyers can view relevant transaction details.


Wholebuy reduces business-to-business transaction time from days to hours.  With one group purchase order, one negotiation, and one shipment, Wholebuy eliminates many overhead and intermediary costs.


By pooling their resources together, wholebuyers get more purchasing power, greater volume discounts, and cheaper shipping.

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For Manufacturers

Wholebuys (group purchase orders) reduce risk on production runs with consistent and predictable high volume orders.

Instead of many purchase orders and buyers, Wholebuy delivers one group purchase order, one negotiation, and one shipment, leading to improved margins with efficiencies in sales, logistics and shipping,

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For Agents

Wholebuy agents are the next generation of manufacturers sales representatives, using wholebuy as a tool to facilitate industry wide trade collaboration.

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About Us

We come from the wholesale and logistics industries.  We have constantly seen the industry pain points involved in B2B trade.  Most consistently, we have seen great businesses struggle from not having enough purchasing power.  This prevents them from meeting high minimum order quantities, and starves them with low margins and expensive low volume shipping.

We have created wholebuy to reduce and eliminate these pain points.


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