For Manufacturers

With every production run, you take a significant financial risk if you fail to predict demand.

You risk fraud, unpaid receivables, and costly trade disputes due to a lack of transparency in your supply chain.

Your transactions takes days, weeks or even months of negotiations due to friction and lack of trust in your supply chain.

wholebuy lowers risk
increases transparency
and maximizes efficiency
in your supply chain

Lower Overhead and Intermediary Costs

  • Instead of multiple dealers, multiple shipments, and intermediaries, you have one purchase order, one shipment, and no intermediaries.
  • Wholebuy significantly reduces costly sales and negotiations with your dealers.
    • Wholebuy provides a single consolidated group purchase order, eliminating the cost of sales staff negotiating with every dealer individually.
    • Wholebuy provides predefined and agreed pricing and terms, eliminating costly negotiations.
  • Wholebuy greatly reduces warehouse overhead, shipping, and packaging costs by shipping your entire production run as a single shipment

Lower Risk on Each Production Run

  • Our patent pending Wholebuys (group purchase orders) provide reliable crowdfunding for each production run, available only to your trusted authorized dealer network.
  • Your authorized dealers are your biggest fans, they will support your new product launch, your next model release, or the latest batch of your best selling product.
  • Reduce your risk by having each production run paid for before you start producing.

Lower number of trade disputes with supply chain transparency

  • If there is ever a dispute, there is one permanent record stored on the blockchain that all parties have private access to and is audited in real-time
  • When a dealer places an order, their order sequence is saved on the blockchain permanently
  • They are then able to track those units through the manufacturing process.
  • There can be no disputing which units belong to which dealer once the production run is complete, ensuring trust and transparency while reducing the potential for disputes.


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