Many large organizations are unable to leverage existing scale due to a lack of collaboration between procurement teams.  This leads to costly low volume and rogue spending.
Wholebuy empowers procurement teams with AI, consolidating purchasing in real-time across large organizations.
Wholebuy AI automatically identifies and eliminates low volume and rogue spending as it happens, helping our customers achieve significant bottom-line cost savings.
Wholebuy empowers procurement professionals with
Artificial Intelligence
to detect supplier fraud in real-time
and automate order matching
across large organizations
Patent Pending USPTO No. 62/517,220
Wholebuy is built on the Mindbridge AI Auditor platform
  • The World’s First and Most Powerful AI Auditor
  • Hundreds of powerful auditing algorithms detect anomalies, trends and outliers in financial data
  • No more random sampling: Wholebuy uses AI Auditor to audit 100% of financial data
Mindbridge is Trusted By:
  • 50 of the top 100 accounting firms
  • The Bank of England and The Bank of Canada

What makes Wholebuy Different?

Wholebuy AI detects supplier fraud as it happens, not months or years later

Real-time fraud detection ensures fraud is caught before causing critical supply chain disruptions

Our Technology

Wholebuy empowers procurement professionals with Artificial Intelligence to detect supplier fraud in real-time and optimize order consolidation on a massive scale.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Wholebuy uses AI to empower procurement professionals with the ability to audit and optimize millions of financial records in seconds.  This enables faster decision making and risk mitigation.  Wholebuy AI is highly scalable across large diverse organizations with many global operations/subsidiaries.

Excellence in Data Security

Wholebuy maintains the highest level of security and compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation from AICPA.  Wholebuy runs on a ISO27001 and SSAE 16 certified infrastructure provider.  Data is segregated and protected with NIST approved AES 256-bit encryption

Machine Learning (ML)

Wholebuy uses hundreds of expertly trained Machine Learning algorithms to identify anomalies, outliers, patterns and trends in order data.

ERP/Procurement Integrations

Wholebuy AI matches orders across 900+ different ERP/P2P systems, eliminating data silos by providing global visibility across all operations/subsidiaries.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Wholebuy Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI search engine allows better queries into order data to find more order consolidation opportunities.

Demand Forecasting and Optimizations

Wholebuy machine learning algorithms identify patterns and trends in your current and historical data to anticipate more real-time consolidation opportunities.  Wholebuy AI further optimizes order matches for order schedules, delivery dates, shipping cost, tariffs, etc


By pooling their resources together, wholebuyers get more purchasing power, greater volume discounts, and cheaper shipping.

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For Manufacturers

Wholebuys (group purchase orders) reduce risk on production runs with consistent and predictable high volume orders.

Instead of many purchase orders and buyers, Wholebuy delivers one group purchase order, one negotiation, and one shipment, leading to improved margins with efficiencies in sales, logistics and shipping,

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For Agents

Wholebuy agents are the next generation of manufacturers sales representatives, using wholebuy as a tool to facilitate industry wide trade collaboration.

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About Us

We come from the wholesale and logistics industries.  We have constantly seen the industry pain points involved in B2B trade.  Most consistently, we have seen great businesses struggle from not having enough purchasing power.  This prevents them from meeting high minimum order quantities, and starves them with low margins and expensive low volume shipping.

We have created wholebuy to reduce and eliminate these pain points.


Start consolidating your purchasing with Wholebuy AI.

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