For Wholebuyers

Many businesses are in a constant state of financial struggle when they lack purchasing power.

Often a lack of purchasing power leads to lower margins and very expensive low volume shipping.

High Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) prevent many retailers and distributors from placing purchase orders, particularly on new high demand products.

With a lack of margin, businesses are unable to increase their purchasing power on their own.

wholebuyers get
more purchasing power
greater volume discounts
and cheaper shipping

Consolidated Purchasing Power

  • Consolidate your purchasing power with other retailers and wholesalers to get better high volume discounts
  • With many purchase orders combined into one, you get significant savings by sharing one consolidated shipment
  • Products with high Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are now accessible for small and medium sized businesses that join their purchase orders together

Transparent Reserved Preorders

  • Tired of being at the back of the line for preorders? Tired of waiting for your orders with no idea when they will ship, while customers are demanding updates or refunds?
  • Leverage the wholebuy blockchain to secure your place in line for preorders of new and high-demand products
  • Experience complete transparency with your manufacturer/supplier, knowing the precise status and progress of your preordered units


  • Wholebuy brings trust back to business-to-business (B2B) trade with full transparency and auditability at every step of the wholebuy process.
  • We call this distributed trust: where all wholebuyers are equal in their control of the wholebuy process, and no wholebuyer has more control than the other.
  • All wholebuys have complete transparency by recording all transaction data on distributed blockchain legers that are unalterable, time stamped, and audited in real-time.


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